Religious School

Our Philosophy

The Anna and Louis Shereff Religious School seeks to inspire our children with a sense of wonder and appreciation of Judaism’s rich heritage and culture. Our weekday-only program (Monday and Wednesday) provides a strong foundation in Hebrew language and prayer, incorporating music and the arts in unique activities that make learning fun. Through questioning, creating, active participation and special family programs, children experience and learn about mitzvot, Torah, Shabbat, holidays, Israel and Jewish history.

Our educational director, Sara Birnbaum, gets to know each child individually, and works with our devoted teachers to ensure that each student thrives in a warm and nurturing environment. Children are welcomed at all our Shabbat and holiday services, whether in our main sanctuary, junior congregation or our special monthly Family Services. Attendance at services serves as a “living” complement to classroom learning.

For more information, contact Sara at 472-2013, Ext 305.