I Hear the Shofar Calling…

Each year, as we enter the month of Elul, I’m reminded of the lyrics  “I can hear the shofar callin’, callin’, callin’. Listen up and no stallin.’ I think I should change my mind. G-d’s  given me the time I don’t need another sign I’m a get right” from the song “Shofar Callin”  produced by G-DCast.com (You can check out the video here).

After celebrating Rosh Chodesh Elul on Shabbat, we will begin to listen to the blow of the shofar each weekday leading up to Rosh HaShanah. This serves as a reminder, a wakeup call for us to begin digging deep down and focus on our souls, to reflect on the year that has passed and ask for forgiveness from ourselves and of others. Maybe you have a shofar at home that you can blast each morning before everyone gets going with their busy day or perhaps you’ll play this clip.

The blow of the shofar is also a call to action as we embark on new beginnings. And this year, we have so many exciting new beginnings! Our Religious School enrollment is up and we are thrilled about our exciting new curriculum, the pillars of which include an emphasis on tefilah (prayer), Ivrit (Hebrew), Yisrael (Israel), Parashat HaShavua (Weekly Torah Portion), and Haggim (Holidays). You’re invited to check out the new curriculum on the Religious School page and be in touch with any questions you might have. We look forward to welcoming you back to the synagogue from your summers at camp and traveling as we enter the new year together.


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