Step up for Summer Shabbat (Member-led)

July 14, 2018 @ 9:30 am – 12:30 pm
Step up for Summer Shabbat (Member-led)
Come Join Us. Participation is a core value of our community.  We’ve seen it in action at our LK2 Shabbaton honoring the memory of Louis Kellner z”l, our annual Religious School Student-Led Shabbat, and when we’ve participated in the B’nei Mitzvah celebrations of our loved ones. We’ve reflected on how enriched and inspired we’ve felt during and after these events. When we join in, we reach beyond our comfort zone and feel supported by our community.  Our service regulars and clergy all encourage, guide and teach us. Many of us offer to do parts again. Some of us want to learn new sections to try and lead next time.  We find ourselves fully present, watching our community grow and pass on knowledge that will foster a broader appreciation and understanding of our traditions and rituals. Speaking from personal experience, while I’ve shown up for my share of services throughout my child and adult life, my enjoyment of our services was truly elevated when I started challenging myself to step up, lead, and give new parts of the service a try. So, as part of our “Come Join Us” campaign, you’ll find us offering more opportunities for you to “join us” at services and take a bigger role. And on that note, Join Us — this coming Shabbat. On Friday night, we’ll be celebrating Shabbat Under the Stars at the home of Sarah and Zac Smith.  There will be swimming, noshes and a musical service led by Mort Hertz.  On Saturday morning, our “Step Up For Summer Shabbat” will be member-led and a great opportunity to attend, learn and be inspired. I am so happy to have had the opportunity to help organize this event and am thankful to many of our service regulars who are “stepping up” as section leaders for this week’s service.  We hope to build an expanded team of members who feel comfortable leading sections of the service, enabling them to “pay it forward” in helping to educate others willing to learn.  This will happen with the continued support of our community and the belief that each of you can do it! Rachel Mann, our Religious School’s new Education Director, will be chanting Haftarah as part of the service. We’ll be celebrating her joining our community as she steps up in this special way. Also, our family will be sponsoring this week’s Kiddush in honor of my Dad’s 75th birthday.  My parents have been role models throughout my life in what it means to “join” their synagogue community.  I witnessed the friendships, support and personal growth that came out of their level of participation and am thankful to have found Shaarei Tikvah in my adult life.  They will be attending our service and they look forward to participating with the community that has become our second home. Best regards, Heather Zeitz Corresponding Secretary