Scholar in Residence: Rabbi Chaim Weiner

December 1, 2017 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Scholar in Residence: Rabbi Chaim Weiner

director of Masorti Europe, developing and supporting new communities across the continent. Friday evening, Dec. 1: 6 pm Dinner 6:45 pm (Hay/Vav Classes Lead Shabbat Service,) 7:30 pm Program:  Rabbi Weiner will tell the story of Jewish customs that grew in Europe and continue to be practiced today. For example: Why are there 3 matzot on the Seder plate? Why do we cover our eyes when we light Shabbat candles?  According to Rabbi Weiner, the answers might surprise you. Saturday, Dec 2: During services, Rabbi Weiner  will speak about “Building the Masorti Movement in Europe,” telling the story of how the European Conservative Movement was created, the unique challenges faced, what was done right and what was done wrong and the lessons learned along the way. It will also tell the stories of some of our more interesting communities around the world. Over kiddush luncheon (12:15 pm): Rabbi Weiner will take us on a deep dive into the story of one Jewish community of Portugal –  its history, challenges and status today. Rabbi Weiner will do a Q&A about the condition of Jews of Europe today; how real is the threat of anti-Semitism?  How widespread is assimilation? Where do Jews fit into the European political landscape?  It promises to be an enlightening weekend. Rabbi Weiner was ordained at the Schechter Institute in Jerusalem. He is well known for innovative work in Jewish education, and for fascinating tours to destinations of Jewish interest in Europe and Africa.  RSVP to for Friday dinner and Saturday kiddush luncheon.  Friday dinner tickets may be purchased by clicking green button to the right. The Scholar-in-Residence is largely funded by the Weingartner Adult Education Fund.