Cantor Cohen’s Recordings

Recordings for Hebrew School Shabbat
On this page are the recordings for the specific readings that your children are doing for the Hebrew School Shabbat on March 18, 2017.
The recordings can be listened to on the website, or downloaded to your phone or computer.
For the readings, each file below is a separate verse from the Torah or Haftarah.
Kita Hay (5th grade) is reading Haftarah, so each file will say “Haftarat Parah” followed by the chapter and verse.
Kita Vav (6th grade) is reading Torah, so each file will say “Ki Tissah” followed by the chapter and verse.
They are also responsible B’racha before Haftarah, and the B’rachot after Haftarah; These recordings can be found at

Please find Torah recordings below:                            Please find Haftarat recordings below:

Ki Tissah 30_11          Ki Tissah 30_25                         Haftarat Parah 36_16          Haftarat Parah 36_29

Ki Tissah 30_12          Ki Tissah 30_26                        Haftarat Parah 36_17          Haftarat Parah 36_30

Ki Tissah 30_13          Ki Tissah 30_27                        Haftarat Parah 36_18          Haftarat Parah 36_31

Ki Tissah 30_14          Ki Tissah 30_28                        Haftarat Parah 36_19          Haftarat Parah 36_32

Ki Tissah 30_15          Ki Tissah 30_29                        Haftarat Parah 36_20          Haftarat Parah 36_33

Ki Tissah 30_16          Ki Tissah 30_30                        Haftarat Parah 36_21          Haftarat Parah 36_34

Ki Tissah 30_17          Ki Tissah 30_31                         Haftarat Parah 36_22          Haftarat Parah 36_35

Ki Tissah 30_18          Ki Tissah 30_32                        Haftarat Parah 36_23          Haftarat Parah 36_36

Ki Tissah 30_19          Ki Tissah 30_33                        Haftarat Parah 36_24          Haftarat Parah 36_37

Ki Tissah 30_20                                                            Haftarat Parah 36_25          Haftarat Parah 36_38

Ki Tissah 30_21                                                             Haftarat Parah 36_26

Ki Tissah 30_22                                                             Haftarat Parah 36_27

Ki Tissah 30_23                                                             Haftarat Parah 36_28

Ki Tissah 30_24