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Fall  2019 Lineup of Speakers and Classes

 New Programs this Fall:

Social Justice Lunch & Learn: As we celebrate the festival of Sukkot, we are mindful of those in need. Staff from the Westchester Children’s Association will speak on the problem of homeless children and youth in Westchester and how we can advocate for them. Saturday, Oct. 19 over Kiddush lunch.

 Jewish Parenting Lunch & Learn:  Child psychologist Dr. Talya Cohen speaks on “Flexible Boundaries – How to Remain Sensitive to Your Children’s Needs while Setting Boundaries.” Rabbi Adam will place the topic into a Jewish context.  Saturday, Oct. 26 over Kiddush Lunch. (also New Member Shabbat).

 Talmudic Stories:  Rabbi Adam explores Talmudic stories and what they say about the values that underlie Rabbinic Judaism. Thursdays Oct. 24, Nov 7 and  Dec. 12 at 7:30p.m.

 Inter-generational Trauma from the Holocaust: To mark the anniversary of Kristallnacht, Shaarei Tikvah has invited Susan Greif, speaker, author, and owner of Art Mends Hearts, LLC. Susan interprets her clients’ drawings to bring awareness to what keeps them feeling paralyzed, powerless, panicked and in pain and propels them to a healthier relationship with themselves and in turn, a healthier relationship with others. Susan works with many daughters of Holocaust survivors who suffer from Intergenerational PTSD. The evening will begin with a talk led by Susan and then open the dialogue for both questions and sharing. To read more about inter-generational PTSD we recommend Wounds to Wisdom: Healing Jewish Trauma” by Rabbi Firestone. Thursday, Nov. 14th 7pm

 Understanding the Shabbat Morning Service: A two-part series on the meaning, structure and origins of the Shabbat service especially geared for parents with children in our religious school. Wednesdays, Nov. 6 & 20.  8-9:30. Held at a private home with refreshments. Contact Rabbi Adam for more details.

 Continuing Classes (newcomers always welcome!):

Bible with Rabbi Adam: We continue our journey through the Book of Kings, from the demise of King David, through the grandeur of King Solomon and the many Kings who follow.  Newcomers welcome as we explore the stories, language and meaning of this book.  9:45-10:45 am. See announcements and calendar on Shaareitikvah.og for cancellations and updates.

 Prayerbook Hebrew: Learn basic Hebrew with emphasis on the meaning of prayers. Led by Ellen Lewis.  Newcomers welcome to join. 10:45 AM – noon. Wednesdays. See announcements and calendar for updates

Scholars- in- Residence:  Yair Rosenberg and Dr. Rachel Rosenthal

 Friday evening, Dec. 6:

  • “Einstein and the Rabbi: The Untold Story of the Physicist’s 20-Year Friendship with Rabbi Chaim Tchernowitz and Their Conversations About the Talmud and Zionism,”-  Zair Rosenberg
  • D’var Torah – Rachel Rosenberg

Saturday morning, Dec. 7:

  • “Would the Rabbis Have Tweeted: Rabbinic Thoughts for a Social Media Age,” – Rachel Rosenthal during services.
  • “Anti-Semitism in a Social Media World”– Yair Rosenberg over Kiddush lunch.


Yair Rosenberg is an American journalist and a senior writer at Tablet magazine. He is a regular speaker and commentator on anti-Semitism in the modern era and on strategies to combat abuse on online platforms.

Dr. Rachel Rosenthal is a David Hartman Center Fellow at the Shalom Hartman Institute of North America and an adjunct assistant professor of Talmud at the Jewish Theological Seminary, where she was voted Professor of the Year in 2018. Rachel also teaches at Central Synagogue, Lincoln Square Synagogue, and in a variety of other settings around the world. Rachel earned a BA from the University of Pennsylvania and is a graduate of the Drisha Scholars Circle.

For more information about classes, contact Rabbi Adam, Carol Mermey or Joel Weinberg via the office (

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