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The Jewish Case for Reparations for Slavery
Reparations for slavery is an issue front and center in the news today. Do Jewish texts shed any light on this question? Rabbi Pamela Wax will lead us through Biblical, Rabbinic and contemporary texts to highlight the Jewish context and response to the issue. Rabbi Wax is the spiritual care coordinator at WJCS and a sought-after teacher on Musar and Jewish spiritual matters.
Tuesday, July 28 at 7:30 p.m.

Teshuvah, Tfillah, Tzedukah
A 3-Part Series in preparation for the High Holidays.
Teshuvah with Rachel Mann
Wednesday, July 29th, 8 pm as part of the Tisha B’Av commemoration and
Thursday, August 6th at 7:30 pm on Zoom
When I hear the word teshuvah, two translations of the word come to mind-
“return” and “forgiveness.” As we approach the High Holiday season, one of the
ideas we are encouraged to think about is teshuvah, which leads me to wonder
about the place of teshuvah in our lives on a daily basis given these two
translations. If we bring a practice of teshuvah into our lives more than once
a year, what might that look like for each of us? How do we better
understand teshuvah and consider cultivating a practice of teshuvah for
ourselves, for others, and the world? I look forward to exploring these questions
Tzedakah with Rabbi Adam
Wednesdays, August 19th and August 26th at 7:30 pm on Zoom.
Each year around the High Holidays we think about teshuva, repentance, and
tefilah, prayer. After all, it is the season where we spend time praying and
improving ourselves and our areas of influence. However, rabbinic sages also
included tzedakah, charity, as the third action that can help us enter in the Book
of Life in the coming year. Together we will explore the reasons for including
tzedakah in this list. What is it about giving charity that is so important not only to
the receiver but to the giver? How can tzedakah transform us as individuals? Join
Rabbi Adam for these conversations. Source sheets will be provided in advance of
the class.
Tefillah with Cantor Cohen
Sundays August 30th and September 13th 8:00 pm on Zoom.
Cantor Cohen’s “Tefillah” sessions of the class will be a continuation of his
ongoing Theology/Spirituality class—of course, all are encouraged to participate
in these sessions, even if you have not been part of the Theology class. We will
look at particular texts such as U’netane Tokef (with its image of being inscribed in
the Book of Life) and Ashamnu (our confession of sins), as well as the larger issue
of what it means to pray for forgiveness during the Yamim Noraim/Days of Awe.
For many of us, the liturgy and imagery of the these holidays can be difficult to
connect to; we will wrestle with this question, and explore how the Yamim
Noraim can indeed have spiritual significance for us, and deepen our relationship
with the Divine


Ongoing Classes
 How Do We Think about God? Explorations in Theology:Over the years, Cantor Cohen has shared his reflections on theology and prayer, expanding the possibilities of how we think about God, and how that affects the way we live our lives and experience the world. This class will continue the exploration with open conversation and text study of contemporary thinkers.  Via ZOOM.

Bible with Rabbi Adam: We continue our journey through the Book of Kings, from the demise of King David, through the grandeur of King Solomon and the many Kings who follow. It’s an ancient lens to view modern problems, Judaism today and the perennial human condition. Newcomers welcome as we explore the stories, language and meaning of this book.  Wednesdays, 9:45-10:45 am via ZOOM.

Prayerbook Hebrew: Learn basic Hebrew with emphasis on the meaning of prayers. Led by Ellen Lewis.  Newcomers welcome to join. Wednesdays, 10:45 am-noon via ZOOM.


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