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Not Just Camels and Hummus

JOIN ME— on a fantastic tour of Israel with ITC Tours in 2017. Dates and details to follow.

Please consider joining me on an incredible trip to Israel. I am so excited and proud that our congregation is embarking on a journey to Israel for joint purpose of building relationships with one another as well as creating a strong bond between us, Israel, and her citizens.

I still remember the incredible feeling I experienced of visiting Israel for the first time at the age of 14. After singing and cheering when the plane landed, I disembarked and kissed the ground (yes, it was gross but highly spiritual)! I was so grateful to walk in the footsteps of my ancestors and to experience the culture and the beauty of the only Jewish State– a place where around the whole country on Friday and Saturday every person, whether religious or secular says “shabbat shalom.” This is the only place where on Yom Kippur there are more bicycles on the roads than cars, where the ancient language of Hebrew is spoken, and where people drink chocolate milk from a bag. It is the place where Judaism is lived whether you are on the beach of the Mediterranean in Tel Aviv, the shuk (market) in Jerusalem, on the top of Metzada, or in the shadow of Robinson’s arch at the Western Wall. It is the place that Jews have dreamed about for countless generations.

To quote Jewish physician, poet, and philosopher Yehudah Halevi (c. 11-12th century), “My heart is in the East, and I am at the ends of the West.” I often feel similarly to Yehuda Halevi. Israel represents the birth place of my mother, the place my parents met, the home of my uncles, aunts, and cousins. It is the place where the Bible comes to life, where I can walk in the same places as my earliest ancestors and learn the texts that were compiled in the same places that I can study them. It is a powerful place to be– a place of beautiful simplicity and messy, complicated reality. It is a place of peace and moral values and it is a place with a history of tension and multiple narratives.

But more than anything else, Israel is a place of hope. It inspires us to live moral lives, to believe in diversity while remaining true to our beliefs. It is the result of millennia of prayer and dreaming. And of course, the young country that Israel is, she is a work in progress—finding a balance between the values of a democracy and a home for a people, persecuted through the ages. The voices of the rabbis, the priests, and the prophets of our heritage ring clearly through the streets and the valleys, in conversation with one another.

As Jews who care about our shared story of a people in search of our homeland and securing our future on this earth, we must commit to forging a relationship with Israel and her people—to study her history and know the modern issues which shape her character and her future. As American Jews, our voices matter. I believe it is essential that we know Israel in order to develop a love of Israel, in order to commit ourselves to a lifelong conversation and relationship with Israel.

Please consider the opportunity to begin or continue your relationship with Israel on this incredible journey. The trip includes a tour of Israel by an excellent tour guide, including visits to Jerusalem, Cesarea, Lake Kinneret and the Galilee, Golan Heights, Masada, the Dead Sea, Tel Aviv, and more. This trip is designed as a multi generational tour, with activities for all ages and many meals will be provided throughout the trip. We will visit, listen, discuss, learn, breathe, sing, break bread, laugh, and pray together. It will be an incredible experience.

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