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The Fierce Urgency of Now: Wading in the Waters of Activism

Sermon at the The Ministers’ Fellowship Council of White Plains and Vicinity along with the White Plains Religious Leaders
3rd Annual Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Joint Worship Service
Calvary Baptist Church of White Plains, 188 Orawaupum Street, White Plains, NY, 7pm, 1/15/17

I first want to thank Reverend Trollinger and Pastor Dalton for giving me the opportunity to address this honored assembly this evening. Each year, as I remember Dr. King’s Legacy by joining with others for worship, rededication to our shared values, and volunteering to help those in need, I am recharged for the year ahead.
This year however seems more challenging. Regardless of your political affiliation, it is a dark time because we as a country are particularly divided today.… Read more

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Thoughts after the Election

Dear Shaarei Tikvah family, Today has been a day of mixed emotions. Some are experiencing jubilation, while others are filled with anxiety, confusion, and deep sadness. It has been an incredibly trying time for our nation. The results from the election have ended an incredibly tense and at times nauseating campaign season, filled with vitriol… Read more

Countering Fear and Violence by Coming Together

Dear Friends, On Thursday night of last week we entered into the new month of Av. Av is a month of sadness in the midst of destruction, yet it also contains within it the seeds of hope. The beginning of Av introduces the “nine days,” which culminates in the ninth day of the Hebrew month… Read more

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Parashat Shemot

A new Pharaoh fears the growing number of Israelites and enslaves them. He orders their newborn sons slain. Moses, cast adrift in the Nile, is rescued by Pharaoh’s daughter and grows up in the royal court. After slaying an Egyptian taskmaster, he flees to Midian and marries there. At a burning bush, Moses encounters God, who sends him back to Egypt to free the Israelites – only to anger Pharaoh, who increases the slaves’ burden.

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