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More than most other Jewish experiences during the calendar year, we love to celebrate Passover. A 2013 survey by the Pew Research Center found that American Jews frequent a Seder in surprisingly high numbers. While only 23% of U.S. Jews said they attend religious services at least monthly, 70% said they participated in a Seder last year. That includes 42% of Jews of no religion (those who consider themselves Jewish in some way, were raised Jewish or had a Jewish parent, but say they are atheist or agnostic or have no particular religion.)

So, what is it about Passover that speaks to American Jews? I imagine that in large part … Read more

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Esther’s Use of Prayer and its Impact on Ours: Finding the Right Words in a Broken World

I have always been amazed by Esther’s bravery. As we will read in the Megilla on Purim, Queen Esther approaches King Achashverosh in order to petition him to spare the Jews from the evil plot of Haman. Esther acknowledges that she is putting her life at risk in order to ask to see the king.… Read more

Countering Fear and Violence by Coming Together

Dear Friends, On Thursday night of last week we entered into the new month of Av. Av is a month of sadness in the midst of destruction, yet it also contains within it the seeds of hope. The beginning of Av introduces the “nine days,” which culminates in the ninth day of the Hebrew month… Read more

This week May 19-25

Fri. evening services 6:00pm
Sat. Shabbat services 9:15am
Ruach Shabbat 11-11:45am
Sun. Minyan 8:00am Crossway Field, 320 Mamaroneck Rd., Scarsdale
Mon. Minyan 7:00am
Thur. Minyan 7:00am
Fri. Candle Lighting: 7:52pm
Sat. Havdalah: 8:59pm

Parashat Behar and Bechukotai

God tells Moses that after Israel reaches Canaan, the land shall observe a seventh year of rest, a Shabbat, and lie fallow. After seven sabbatical cycles, every fiftieth year, a Jubilee shall be declared. In this hallowed year, Israel will “proclaim liberty throughout the land, unto all its inhabitants.” Property will revert to its original owner and slaves will be free. “Observe My commandments,” says God, and be rewarded; “reject My statues,” and suffer
consequences. Yet despite this Tokhehah – this litany of dire warnings – God will not utterly reject Israel. God vows to remember the covenant made with Israel’s ancestors


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    Candle lighting

    May 26 @ 6:58 pm