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Justice, Justice: New Initiative Launched


On May 17th, we had an extraordinary gathering to discuss our next campaign. This would not be a political campaign, but rather, a social justice campaign, aimed at coalescing around an issue in society that calls for a response.

Shaarei Tikvah already has a rich history of social action through our food donation programs and other activities. We are now expanding to include social justice issues with the goal of solving systemic problems at the root of the issue. As a community we are greater than the sum of our parts, and through a unified voice we can make an impact on an issue of moral conscience if we are organized and educated on the issue itself.

Since we are a community that cares, choosing one area of injustice was not an easy task. However, a thoughtful process helped us to move forward. Ultimately, our group settled on immigrant rights. The stories that were shared were powerful. A number of congregants shared that their own family’s story of emigration to the US reminded them of their responsibility to support the plight of immigrants in the country today. Ultimately, as one volunteer stated, we are fortunate to have been born into these circumstances. Chance made it possible for us to live in this country in the 21st century. We could have easily been born before WWII or today in a country whose citizens are being persecuted. Therefore, we have a responsibility to acknowledge our fortune by supporting others who are not so fortunate.

As a community, we will educate ourselves and find ways to advocate and support the fair treatment of human beings living in our communities. For example, recently, a senior at Ossining High School, Diego Puma, was arrested on the day of his high school prom by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, accused of being connected to gangs in Ecuador. Community activists are advocating a stay of removal and have support of local and federal politicians. The Ecuadorian government has confirmed that Diego has never had a criminal record nor any affiliation with any gangs in Ecuador.

This is an example of the kind of work that we may be involved in going forward. If you are interested in receiving information on ways to advocate for undocumented immigrants’ rights, please email Robin in our office at robin@shaareitikvah.org . If you have a particular passion for immigrant rights and want to get more involved with our committee, please email Rabbi Adam at rabbi@shaareitikvah.org .


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